Dragon Boat Festival Sachet

Mango species for the noon season Living health In terms of daily life, it is necessary to follow the seasonal characteristics of long nights, get up early and get up early, and properly receive sunlight, but avoid direct sunlight, pay attention to heatstroke prevention, in order to comply with the strong yang, which is conducive to blood circulation and uplifting spirit; Take a nap for a while, 30 minutes to 1 hour is appropriate to relieve fatigue and promote health. Emotional health When people are arrogant, people are also prone to irritability. At this time, they should adjust their moods, pay attention to maintaining a comfortable mood, and have a broad mind to prevent cardiovascular a


芒种端午时节的养生 起居养生 起居方面,要顺应昼长夜短的季节特点,晚睡早起,适当地接受阳光照射但要避开太阳直射、注意防暑,以顺应旺盛的阳气,利于气血运行、振奋精神;中午最好能小睡一会,时间以30分钟至1个小时为宜,以解除疲劳,利于健康。 情志养生 芒种时风火相煸,人们也易感到烦躁不安,此时要调适心情,注意保持心情舒畅,胸怀宽广,以防情绪剧烈波动后引发高血压、脑血管意外等心脑血管病。应使自己保持轻松愉快的心情,忌恼怒忧郁,这样可使气机得以宣畅、通泄得以自如。 香佩法: 香佩法又称闻香法,就是将芳香药末装在特别囊状布袋或绸袋中,佩戴在胸前、腰际等处,或装入贴身衣袋内,以防治某些疾病的一种方法。 端午节安康 鲍姑端午爱子香囊,精选优质中药材,精心配方,含有艾草、菖蒲、佩兰等多种中药,适合给孩子扶正祛邪,防病保健,保持稳定愉快的情绪。 时令保健 鲍姑端午爱子香囊 端午前后有售

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