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Introducing BG Acupuncture Clinic made  Chinese herbal products. All natural ingredients, exclusive formula, safe and effective.

Heating warm herbs package

Heated Herb Bag is made with the Chinese Traditional Medicine herbs with the effects including strengthening Yang and Qi, expelling wind and cold, dehumidification and resolving blood stasis, dredging the meridians, eliminating swelling and relieving pain.

Warm herb package can significantly improve the body's immune function, improve vascular microcirculation, removal of cytotoxins and so on.

Warm-up herbal package on the physically weak and sub-healthy people also have spleen and kidney, comforting liver and lungs, soothes the nerves.

Price: $ 70-130 each (can be used for about 12 years).

Herbal constipation unclogger

Stale Stool contains toxins is the source of all diseases. Herbal constipation unclogger made with the Chinese traditional herbs that can improve the stomach and digestion, optimize qi and blood circulation, catharsis, reduce stagnation, eliminate swelling and analgesic effect, and refined made.
Constipation unclogger can significantly promote gastrointestinal digestion of food and nutrition, improve gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion of a variety of digestive juice, enhance the excretion of gastrointestinal metabolites and toxin removal.
Constipation through different physical and age constipation have a certain effect. No adverse effects have been observed clinically.

Price: $30/15 grams of powder for one week use

Meridian Balm

Meridian balm refined with the Traditional Chinese Medicine with the effect of clearance of the disease cause including wind, cold, heat, damp dry, fire and secondary pathogenic factors, including stasis, congestion, phlegm, water.   With the elimination of sore, num, swelling, pain, cold and heat and other symptoms.

The different meridian balm is suitable for different ages, physical condition, and patient and sub-health people. Regular use of the corresponding meridian balm has the effect of removing blood stasis, swelling, and other detoxification. clinically not observed significant adverse effects.

Price: $ 30 for15 grams (can be used for about a week).

Herbal beauty cream

This Herbal beauty cream is refined by the Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines with the effect of dredge meridians, qi and blood, soothe the skin, remove blood stasis, freckle wrinkles.

This Herbal beauty cream can enhance the body surface skin muscle energy, blood, and lymph circulation, increase the supply of oxygen and other body surface nutrients, and promote the metabolism of body surface clean-up, and help with the body surface skin cells normal growth, development, repair and rejuvenate.

Suitable for any age, physical condition, and healthy people. for patients, without any adverse effects.

Price: $ 50 for 30 grams (3 month usage amount).

Cell Phone Herbal Tea

Cell phone herbal tea is refined with the Chinese Traditional Herbal medicines with the function of hepatobiliary appease, liver and eyes function improvement, nourishing liver, and other treatment.

Cell phone herbal tea can promote eye blood circulation, active eye energy metabolism, enhance eye cell function, improve eye detoxification.

Cell phone tea is suitable for patients and healthy people who frequently use cell phones of any age and body condition.

Cell phone herbal tea is often used to prevent cell phone radiation causing various injuries to the human body, including edema of the eyes, dry eyes, glaucoma, eye pain, eye fatigue, red eyes, fear of light, tears and other symptoms.

Clinical has not observed any adverse reactions, please rest assured drinking.


Price: $30  per 15 grams of powder.

Foot bath herbal medicine wine

Cold starts from the foot, old people get legs old first. Keeping lower limbs warm, then the whole body benefits.  The cold and wet and other turbid Qi from outside always enter the body through our feet first and then cause disease. When we are aged, we always feel tired legs first, which is the tired signs of aging.

Foot bath herbal medicine wine is refinely made with the Traditional Chinese Medicine that can raise the good Qi and eliminate the bad Qi,  disperse cold and dehumidification, warm and help with the Yang and Qi, soothe the nerves and other effects. Foot bath herbal medicine wine can promote Yongquan and other well-quitting stasis detoxification, promote digestion and absorption, relax, delay aging.

Soak your feet every night before going to bed with the herbal medicine wine. It not only can eliminate a variety of physical and mental stress and discomfort but also can improve the quality of sleep. No adverse effects have been observed clinically.

Price: $ 30 per2 liters ( one month amount).

Hair Grow Tinture

Hair Growth Tincture is made with the Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine having the effect of blood activation and replenish, appease the liver and qi, dehumidification and resolve blood stasis, dredge the meridian network.

Hair growth tincture contains some special ingredients that help the blood circulation and hair metabolism of the head not only promote the growth of the hair but also prevent the hair from falling off and even help some people with severe hair loss no longer lose hair and make the bald areas regrow new hair.

Hair Growth Tincture is suitable for the patients who are suffering hair loss at any age, with any physical condition and even healthy people.

Ordinary people use this product frequently can also prevent hair loss. So far it has not been observed any adverse effects clinically, please feel free to use.

Price: $30/60ml Potions one-week amount.

Pao Gu Happy Bag

lucky bag for the lady's between 35 and 75 years old.

Bao Gu happy bag is composed of twelve kinds of pure natural herbal medicine by the body twelve hours meridian operating rules, scientifically deployment, refined. Happy bag with the pleasant fragrant has the function of sooth the heart, convergence supine down the lungs, help hair growth and appease the liver, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthen the kidney.

Clinical observation found that happy bags have a significant effect on the adjustment of mood, relieve stress, reduce anxiety, promote metabolism, enhance absorption, and promote detoxification and other functions conducive to human health. Suitable for normal or sub-healthy and unhealthy people of any age and physical condition, especially for women between the ages of 35 and 75.

Always carry a happy bag with disease prevention and treatment, physical fitness, without any adverse effects, please feel free to use.


Price: $ 35 each (can be used for 3-6 years or so).

Herbal slimming capsules

Herbal Slimming Capsule is made from the traditional Chinese medicine of qi qi, blood nourishing and blood circulation, digestion and stagnation, dampness and diuresis, yin and yang degreasing, Shu meridian and other effects.

Slimming capsule can significantly improve the body digestion, absorption, metabolism and other functions, in particular, can enhance the body's excess blood lipids, blood sugar, blood protein and other clean-up; and bodybuilding. No adverse effects have been observed clinically.
The company is located in:

Price: 28 capsules per week $ 30.

One Method For All Diseases (Paperback, 123 pages)

One Method For All Diseases - On & Off Therapy (Zuo Xi Liao Fa)

Canadian Institute of Complementary and

Alternative Medicine Research

September 22, 2009

Vancouver BC Canada

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