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Introduction to The First Annual International Conference of Traditional Medicines on Health and Wel

With the continuous development of human society, more and more attention is paid to human health. Conquering all kinds of incurable diseases of mankind is a common topic facing the medical profession all over the world. In the past thousands of years of human history, the world traditional medicine has been the main method and technique of human disease prevention and health care. In the past few hundred years due to various reasons, especially rapid and efficient prevention and treatment methods and techniques of modern medicine to human disease, the world traditional medicine gradually ignored and forgotten. In recent decades, more and more difficult incurable disease is beyond the ability of modern medicine, which does not have the ideal treatment and does have some related side effects, revival of the world traditional medicine, and make it work with modern medicine, learn from each other, and jointly promote the human Health, has become the common insight of efforts by more and more wisdom people.

In view of the above purpose, Canadian Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research invited 10 institutions interested in promoting the development of traditional medicines to organize The First International Conference of Traditional Medicines on Health and Wellness. The above institutions are UTCM, Canadian Anti-Cancer Rehabilitation Association, British Columbia Association of TCM and Acupuncture practitioners, Han Fang Acupuncture and Herbs Clinic, Canadian Institute of TCM, Chengs Acupuncture, Herbal Processing Association of World Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Association Federation, Nanjing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Health and Wellness in Jiangsu, Bethune Oriental Medicine Center, BG Acupuncture.

The conference will invite 40 well-known specialists on traditional medicines to present their most recent achievements. The 40 experts are Professor Kai Cheng of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the grandson of academician Xinnong Chen, the chief scientist of "meridian substantive research", Professor Haoqing Tai of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the successor of Supervisor Zhengguo Yan, the founder of “anatomy of meridians and acupoints”, Professor Xiaochuan Pan, the “Acupuncture Spirit Master”, Professor Ronggang Li, the “Tianyi Shen Needling”, Professor Fu Wang of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the “King of Classic Formula in North China”, the successor of Professor Yiren Chen, Professor Chengyan Wu, the granddaughter of the "the Pioneer of TCM Education”, Dr. Peiting Zhu the “King of Classic Formula in South China”, inherited from his TCM family, Professor Meiqing Liu, The best TCM doctor for infertility. Dr. Xingkai Xu and Dr. Xi Xu, the experts for whole body small joint correction and low back and knee pain. Mr. Qingzhong Wu, the “First Person of Traditional Chinese Health Care”. In particular, Professor Steven Aung of the University of Alberta, the World Health Organization's acupuncture and moxibustion counselor and Professor & vice-president Baochang Cai of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the director of professional committee of World Federation of traditional Chinese Medicine Association, and so on.

The above experts will introduce their experience in health and wellness and treating and preventing incurable or difficult diseases with acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, bone adjustment, health care and food therapy, etc. In addition, the conference will award the experts who have made outstanding contributions in theoretical innovation, method improvement and technological upgrading in the world traditional medicine. The size of the meeting is expected to be around 400 participants. On April 22 and 23 different kinds of traditional medical workshops will be organized and all kinds of traditional medical professionals and enthusiasts are welcome. The time of participation in this academic conference can be used as re-education credits.

The date of the meeting: April 20 and 21, 2017. Time: 9 am to 9 pm. Venue: Chan Center (April 20)and The Nest of UBC (April 21), UBC, BC, Canada. Charges: $ 20 per day including lunch. Tickets: available on the Chan Center website. Contactors: Thin Thin, the chief secretary, 604-868-3208/604-537-7352, cicamr2016 @ For more information, please visit 2

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