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The theme of the International Traditional Medicine Congress: Human health requires traditional medi

The 2nd International Traditional Medicine Congress, hosted by the Canadian Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences, will be held in Vancouver, Canada.

The first International Conference on Traditional Medicine was successfully held in Vancouver, Canada in 2017. Many industry experts gave speeches and trainings. The majority of the participants expressed their full harvest and looked forward to the coming of the second session. In the charity and charity, the initial heart of the Pratt & Whitney world, with compassion, humility and gratitude, the organizers of the conference are determined to continue to run the International Conference on Traditional Medicine for the benefit of the people.

Characteristics of the Canadian International Traditional Medicine Congress

1, focus on difficult diseases, pay attention to scientific health; 2, invited experts are experienced and unique in efficacy;

Includes experts who are representative in some research directions. The professional direction covers all aspects of acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine and health. 3, experts concentrate concentrate and dry goods;

In the concentrated speech and discussion time, focus on explaining and teaching methods and techniques that have good effects in clinical diagnosis and treatment. During lunch and dinner, the audience can consult and consult experts for free. After the conference, a clinical training course for expert representatives will be organized, and efforts will be made to make each participant more profitable. 4. Relevant academic activities are rich in content and have ample communication time;

The organizing committee hopes to promote the overall level of all TCM practitioners to continuously improve through the platform of the International Convention on Traditional Medicine. At the same time, I hope that a new brand of Chinese medicine can be established among the people, and the revitalization of Chinese medicine will be radiated to the whole world with this conference as the starting point.

The drug king Sun Sizhen said, "Dazhi Jingcheng" said: "Where the great doctors cure the disease, they must be calm and determined, and there is no desire, no desire, no sorrow, and vows to save the sufferings. If there is a sickness to help, You must not ask them whether they are rich or poor, long and young, sorrowful, good friends, Huayi, ignorant, and common. They are like a dear. They should not look forward to their own interests, be self-satisfied, and protect their lives. Do not take risks, stay up all night, hunger and thirst, and devote yourself to the rescue, without the heart of the work. This can be a great doctor, but this is a spiritual thief. Compassion is the first element of great medicine. Some people may think of traditional culture. No matter which nationality's excellent traditional culture teaches people to be compassionate and good, they are all positive energy. This positive energy stretches across the millennium and is still influencing, guiding and supporting. The spirit of hundreds of millions of people, the power of compassion is not a big deal. "The parents of the doctors", this is true. This is the spirit of Chinese medicine that we are calling now.

At present, the confusion of modern human life and the pursuit of healthy living once again pushes Chinese medicine to the world stage. This is the inevitable trend of the world trend and the historical mission of Chinese medicine. The conference aims to build a platform for all health care workers, enthusiasts and supporters who love and are committed to the development of Chinese medicine to have a platform for learning and communication, and to light up a bright light for everyone interested in Chinese medicine. Open a fresh window for all those who do not understand Chinese medicine. All people are welcome to come here to discuss and feel the profound and interesting charm of Chinese medicine. All members of the Preparatory Committee are very honored to be the first volunteers to participate in the preparation of this conference. We also hope that more Chinese medicine practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the world will actively participate and support, and we look forward to your participation during the meeting. Visit and guide, so that our event will be more successful and successful. The Preparatory Committee sincerely advocates that all Chinese medicine practitioners and Chinese medicine enthusiasts from all over the world will join in. All Chinese medicine groups are welcome. All Chinese medicine clinics have joined in. Let us hold this conference and welcome everyone to join hands. To host the annual International Convention of Traditional Medicine. At the same time, all those who are interested in Chinese medicine are welcome to join in. Everyone learns from each other, helps each other, and has mutual improvement. Although the ability of each of us is limited, when we merge into the trend of the development of Chinese medicine in the world, the physical and mental state of each of us will continue to improve.

Chinese medicine is the national quintessence of the Chinese nation. When each of us is seriously promoting ourselves under the guidance of the spirit of Chinese medicine, the true prosperity of Chinese medicine will come. This will not only bring more peace and happiness to the people of the world, but also give us The descendants of Yan and Huang brought more grace and blessings. The status of Chinese medicine in the world today is the result of the hard work of countless ancestors. Let our generation be grateful to them and accept their inheritance. In ten, twenty, fifty, or even longer, Chinese medicine will enter a more comprehensive and complete era of prosperity. We sincerely wish that our compassion, humility and gratitude today will make the whole world a better place.



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