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Strong autoimmunity, no fear of virus mutation

Reinforced autoimmune prevention and control

Strong immunity is the best protection against epidemics

In general, the plague is caused by some highly pathogenic substances, such as infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. Traditional Chinese medicine calls such epidemic diseases "epidemic". Since ancient times, human beings have encountered numerous plagues, some of which are particularly serious and have a huge impact on humans such as: plague (black death), smallpox, influenza, cholera , Malaria, atypical pneumonia, etc. The "Su Wen · Spirit Theory" in the earliest ancient Chinese medicine ancient book "The Yellow Emperor's Canon" states: "The five epidemic diseases are all easy to dye, no matter the size, and the symptoms are similar .... Its toxic gas. "It points out that epidemic maggots are contagious, epidemic, similar in clinical manifestations, disease-related and other climate-related characteristics, and believe that as long as" the righteousness is kept in the air, "they can" avoid their toxic gas. "

Everyone in this epidemic also noticed that there are no specific drugs for treatment in modern medical methods, mainly through oxygen, assisted breathing, immune enhancement, humoral regulation, hormones and other means. Those who are discharged from the hospital are relying on their strong self-healing power Overwhelmed by the virus. Most of the SARS survivors who had undergone hormonal therapy in 2003 suffered from bone necrosis, and their quality of life has declined significantly. At the same time, we also saw the good news of the rehabilitation of some patients cured by traditional Chinese medicine, and the great role of traditional Chinese medicine in the fight against the epidemic has yet to be further understood (buying Shuanghuanglian does not count).

The immune function of the people we know, called "righteousness" in Chinese medicine, refers to the body's ability to resist evil. Righteousness is one of the most important and basic concepts in Chinese medicine. It refers to the normal functional activities of the human body (including the functions of the internal organs, meridians, qi and blood) and the ability to resist disease and recover. The function of righteousness to resist the invasion of external evils is equivalent to the defense function of the immune function, that is, the function of resisting the infection of pathogenic microorganisms.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the deficiency of righteousness is the internal basis of disease occurrence. Therefore, it attaches great importance to the important role of human righteousness in the occurrence of disease. The righteousness is strong, the disease resistance is strong, the pathogenic evil is hard to invade, and the disease cannot occur. "Within righteousness, evil cannot be done." Conversely, when the human body lacks righteousness, or the righteousness is relatively weak, the external health function is low, and it is often weak against evil spirits. The evil spirits may then invade, leading to dysregulation of the yin and yang of the body, dysfunction of the visceral and meridian functions, and cause disease. Therefore, "Su Wen · Ping Fei Lun Lun" said: "If the evil is put together, its qi will be empty."

Regarding the "righteous spirit" that resists the invasion of foreign evils, it is called "defensive qi", followed by "campaign qi." Weiqi is Weiwai, responsible for defending against external evils, and camp qi funds Weiqi so that it can perform its function of "weiwei".

"Lingshu · Zangzang": "The defender, so warm meat, filling skin, fat, and open and close also", "The Weiqi filling is divided into meat, clear skin, soft skin, compact and dense." "It means the barrier defense function of the skin and mucous epithelium. After the nasal cavity, oral mucosa is in contact with air, and viruses and bacteria are attached to it, if our immune system is weak, we will break through the barrier and cause infection. Wei has the meaning of defending and protecting. In contrast to camp qi, Wei qi is yang, and it also plays a role in warming the internal organs. The battalion and the guard are divided between inside and outside, one inside the pulse and one outside the pulse. They are closely linked and interact with each other. The role of external health can enable the function of nourishing the internal organs, and the internal organs are fully nourished, which can often keep the skills of external health. That is to say in the "Su Wen · Yin and Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun" said that "yin is inside, yang keeps it; yang is outside, yin makes it". Insufficient health and disagreement with the camp and the guard will cause the evil to rush in and cause disease. From the perspective of modern medicine, Weiqi refers to the human body's defense and immune system and the function of eliminating various foreign bodies in the body, including the body barrier, phagocytic system, humoral immunity, and cellular immunity.

The normal work of the immune cell system and related cells requires nutrition and energy, as well as blood. Energy is mainly provided by the meridians, and nutrition is mainly provided by the blood.

The defense cells of the human body must be transmitted to the whole body by blood. If there is insufficient blood supply to any part of the body, the number of local immune cells will be insufficient, and a weak link will be formed, unable to resist external evils. At this time, if there is a local virus infection, the body needs to dispatch more immune forces to pass. However, because there is less blood flow there, the immune cell forces cannot pass, and the lack of energy of the immune cell is not enough, so the virus can drive straight in and make crazy copies. The human body fell under the attack of the virus.

Qi is the commander of blood. Wherever blood reaches, it must first come, that is, it needs sufficient energy. The meridian is a channel for energy transfer. Meridians can perform qi and blood, yin and yang, iliac crests, and sharp joints. This shows that the meridians can not only "run Qi and blood, coordinate yin and yang", but also nourish muscles and bones, which is the role of blood. The key to Tongli moisturizing is the role of interstitial fluid, while the anti-reflection symptom is the role of lymph fluid and immune substances in the blood. In addition to the twelve main meridians, the human body's meridian system is also distributed with twelve meridians, twelve skins, twelve meridians, and sun collaterals throughout the body surface and mucosal tissues. If the body's twelve meridians are unobstructed, then the corresponding collaterals, the twelve skins, the twelve meridians, and the Sun collaterals are all open. Once Sun Luo is unblocked, the defense function of the human body will be very strong. Because Sun Luo is spread all over the body's body surface, this body surface includes the mucous membrane tissues of all the human body's cavities in addition to the skin. For example, the respiratory mucosa and its epithelial cells are also taken care of by Sun Luo. If Sun Luo is strong, local capillary circulation becomes stronger. Once the capillary circulation is strengthened, even if the virus reaches the mucosa, it can still be destroyed by the body's immune cells. When a person is infected, it is the bacterial virus that breaks through the human epithelial cells. The surface reason is that the mucosal epithelial cell layer does not have enough immune cells to prevent and prevent the epidemic. The deep reason is that the microcirculation is ineffective.

Then the pneumonia caused by the current new type of coronavirus infection is acting on the respiratory tract, destroying the human respiratory tract mucosa, and finally invading the lungs. Generally speaking, the pathogenic factors of these more difficult diseases are special. One is that it is not easy to be destroyed by the body's immune cells; the other is that they will hide in a place where the blood is not easy to supply when they reach the body, that is, where the fighting power of the immune system is not easy to reach. For example, the previous SARS virus has proven that the invasion mechanism is one of the glycoproteins encoded by the coronavirus gene, also known as spike protein, which can interact with epithelial surface receptors and mediate virus adsorption and cell membrane fusion. The essential. In layman's terms, the virus invades by hiding in a cell membrane fusion, which is equivalent to hiding in the ceiling of a house. It is difficult to reach from inside and outside of the house, as well as hard to reach.

This kind of "epidemic disease" is a kind of external evil. The epidemic disease chooses to attack the human body. It is usually a place where the blood circulation and energy circulation of the human body are not easy to reach. It seems to be a three-don't care area, which makes treatment difficult. .

Baogu moxibustion treatment bag can help strengthen the immune system

Action 1

Safeguarding the delivery of immune forces

The main function of Baogu moxibustion therapy bag is to clear the meridians. Through the scientific composition of 24 Chinese herbal ingredients, it can be applied to the body surface after heating. Supply and blood nourish. Bao Kou moxibustion bags of ingredients can get through the body's meridians twelve, after the meridian flow can allow blood to various organs throughout the body navigate in even the corners, so it is the body of adequate nutrient supply. With enough nutrition, the blood circulation supply will be sufficient. Baogu moxibustion therapy bag mainly promotes the circulation of energy and energy in the twelve meridians, then acts on the meridians and the skin, and finally unblocks the sun. This ensures that the microcirculation of the blood is unobstructed. Ensure that the body's immune cells and immune media can be fully distributed to the place where the virus is affected. Once a virus is invaded somewhere, a large number of immune agents and immune cells can smoothly reach the front line for anti-virus campaigns. So by extension, not only the respiratory system, but any system of the human body can also achieve the same effect when invaded by external evils. The overall immunity of the human body against external evils is strengthened.

After the human body's system is invaded, the body will produce normal interferon, which can interfere with the replication of the virus. The virus cannot reproduce in the human body, it will not develop disease and will be gradually eliminated or metabolized out of the body. Baogu bag can strengthen the energy operation of the human body's twelve skin parts, twelve meridians, and Sun Luo, so as to ensure the microcirculation of the human body.

Microcirculation system

The microcirculation is normal and powerful, so when the virus reaches the human respiratory tract mucosa, it will be eliminated or resisted by its own immune force. Therefore , the main effect of Baogu moxibustion therapy bag is actually on energy, because energy can promote the movement of blood. The Baogu moxibustion treatment bag spreads the energy of the body evenly throughout the body to ensure that the energy on the surface of the whole body has energy. A protective net full of energy is established to provide protection for the blood microcirculation and ensure immunity in the body. Cells and immune media can reach all parts of the body quickly and smoothly, eliminating pathogenic factors. Strengthened by making the body's microcirculation. In any part of the body, once infected by external evils (viruses, etc.), the immune cells and immune mediators can fully function through the good microcirculation system in the infected area, eliminating external evils (viruses, bacteria, etc.). This effect is equivalent to sending enough soldiers and troops to the front line of the epidemic, such as the mucous membranes or surface of the respiratory tract.

Action 2

Improving the combat capabilities of the immune force

The Chinese medicine ingredients in Baogu's moxibustion treatment bag can enhance the function of immune cells. Can increase the viability of the same number of white blood cells or macrophages. This is equivalent to enhancing the combat capability of the anti-epidemic force, so that when encountering an external invasion of a disease, a unit of the same size will have a stronger defense capability. At the same time, the components of the Baogu bag also help to generate immune cells, which can appropriately increase the number of troops. The use of Baogu moxibustion treatment bag will not cause excessive white blood cells and macrophages in the body.

Vigorous macrophages engulf alien invaders

Action 3

Increase the temperature of the sun

In thousands of years of Chinese medicine culture, yin refers to the human body and yang refers to the energy that the human body has. One's life is a process of attenuation of yang. In "The Yellow Emperor's Canon", yang is formed and yin is formed. Yang transforms into the energy needed by the body, and Yin transforms into a visible and tangible body. If the body is deprived of yang, it will become an empty body and die.

Wormwood is Bao Kou moxibustion bags one of the important ingredients, as well as positive things, its efficacy after entering the human body, may contribute to replenishing the body's yang, and accompanied the body's temperature slightly improved. In general, the viability of bacteria and viruses will decrease at a certain temperature, and even a slight increase in body temperature will inhibit the activity of viruses and bacteria. The 2019 new coronavirus was killed after 30 minutes at 56 degrees Celsius. Of course, our human body will not increase to 50 degrees Celsius, but the increase in temperature will indeed reduce the activity of the virus. The vitality of the virus decreases, and the burden on the body's normal immune system is reduced.

This is why fever is a self-healing state in which the body fights viruses. 39-40 degrees Celsius is the best temperature for inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria and viruses, and loses the ability to attack. During fever, the body's immune cells have the strongest vitality. As the body temperature rises, the immune system also rises.

Research indicates that 50 years ago, the average body temperature of children was around 37 degrees, and the average body temperature of adults was between 36.5-36.8 degrees. Now, what may surprise you is that your normal body temperature is no longer 36.5 degrees, but has decreased by nearly 1 degree. Studies have shown that if the body temperature is lowered by one degree, the immunity will be reduced by more than 30%. On the contrary, if the body temperature is increased by 1 degree on the basis of normal body temperature, the immunity will increase by 5-6 times.

The so-called high body temperature is to maintain a higher level in the normal body temperature range, but it does not make you fever! Higher body temperature has the following effects on the body:

1. Visceral function is active. The body temperature is higher, the enzymes can be digested in the body, and other enzymes that are good for the internal organs are energized. Can prevent constipation, flatulence, frequent urination and other symptoms.

2. Improve immunity. High body temperature can enhance the function of white blood cells against foreign viruses and bacteria, enhance immunity, and improve physical fitness.

3. Increase basal metabolic rate. People with high basal metabolism, even without exercise, consume more conversions than those with low basal metabolism. A higher body temperature can increase the basal metabolic rate of the body. Every time the body temperature rises by 1 ° C, the pulse beat will increase 10 times per minute, filling the body with fresh oxygen, and the cell's metabolism rate will increase accordingly.

4. Good blood circulation. When the body temperature is high, the blood vessels become tiny and soft, and blood can be smoothly transferred to the whole body.

5. Those who are not affected by the external environment and whose body can always maintain the average temperature. The autonomic nerve and hormone secretion can naturally maintain the balance accordingly, and can perform normal functions.

Baogu moxibustion therapy bag stimulates the body's yang and warms the body, effectively improving the ability to resist external evils.

Therefore, Baogu's moxibustion therapy bag is effective in combating epidemic diseases, mainly in three aspects: first, to ensure that sufficient troops can be transported on the frontline of the epidemic, to ensure that transportation can reach any part needed; second, to enhance the combat of each soldier in the army ability. The third is to nourish yang and raise body temperature. Through these functions, the body's righteousness is strengthened, and a strong immune defense system is established. No matter what virus is infected and how the virus mutates, as long as its own immune resistance is strong, it will not easily fall.

Knock on blackboard

Use points

The easiest way to improve immunity is to place a heated abalone moxibustion treatment bag on the navel position, which is more effective for 1 hour or more per day. For other usage methods, please join this article: Want to double the effect of your baby Baogu bag? It's important to master these. To know more about Bao Gu, please see here: This woman has such a relationship with China's first native Nobel Prize winner. Friends who already have Baogu moxibustion treatment bags will quickly use your baby bags. There are many customers in the clinic who will return the aunt moxibustion treatment bag as a gift to relatives and friends when returning to mainland China or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan . Please cherish it, it is definitely true love! Please tell your friends in China to use it more during the epidemic to strengthen their immunity.

Regarding the heating method, the easiest and fastest way is to use a microwave oven. Pay attention to protecting the bag. It is best to wrap it with a protective cover such as a cloth cover, towel, etc., and do not heat it for a long time to avoid burning. Starting from 1 minute, increase the heating time as appropriate according to the size of the bag and the power of the microwave oven. Many friends have developed a variety of heating methods, including slow cookers and electric cookers with porcelain or steel liners. Of course, don't add water, just put them in the bag and use the lowest temperature for heating.

There are also electric blankets for heating, these methods take longer than microwave ovens. In short, because the efficacy of Baogu moxibustion treatment bag is as long as possible, it is necessary to protect it carefully and use your bag carefully. If you can use it for more than 10 years, even people and bags will get better and better. See: What gets more valuable

Specially formulated antiviral fresh herbal tea to enhance immunity

The theory of Wuyun and Liuqi in TCM involves knowledge of astronomy, geography, calendar, medicine, epidemiology, and the principle of using medicine according to time and place. It is a deductive tool that uses the symbols of the Tiangan Earthly Branch as a deduction tool to infer the rules of climate change in the relevant period and its The theoretical system of the impact on human health and disease reflects the concept of TCM and TCM, and the unity of nature and man.

This year is the year of Gengzi. Judging by the theory of the Five Movements and Six Qis in the Tiangan Earthly Branches and Traditional Chinese Medicine, this year is too much for Jinyun. Si Tianzhi is Shaoyin Junhuo, Huo Jinjin, Qi Qi Yun, and Tian Xing. Special attention should be paid to cardiovascular and pulmonary issues.

The antiviral fresh medicinal tea launched by Baogu TCM is a formula specially developed for the current epidemic situation. Based on the seasonal and dry seasons, 12 kinds of organic green fresh herbs are carefully mixed to form an anti-epidemic formula. Even continuous drinking a week for the new coronavirus body's resistance will increase, the body is weaker, for taking two weeks that it is a good anti-virus capabilities.

Fresh medicinal tea is available daily in limited quantities and needs to be kept in the refrigerator.

I hope that our efforts will help everyone to establish the concept of "treating the disease", and be more prepared to face the "evil epidemic" and to spend this special period of peace safely and enjoy a long and healthy life.

Strengthen the immune barrier

Take care of your family

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