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Goddess Doctor Aunt Bao(Moxa Lady) teaches you how to get cures for epidemic diseases

The following content is an excerpt from "The Legend of Bao Gu". At this time of epidemic, in this special period, I hope to help the world.

49th: Epidemic during diagnosis and treatment

When the east showed white fish belly, Aunt Bao had got up early as usual, and after practicing a set of health boxing in the yard, she went straight to Gecun Bao Aunt Medical Hall.

The patient at the entrance of the medical hall was already waiting for the patient: a slightly anxious middle-aged woman with a teenager in light blue.

Well-prepared, the middle-aged woman was busy explaining to Aunt Bao her intentions:

The woman's surname is Qian, and the patient is the teenager around her and her son. The boy's name is Liu Zude. He is twelve years old. He is from the neighboring village of Liu Xiang. His father, Liu Chuanfu, has been doing business abroad for many years. He usually lives with his mother and son. Since childhood, Zude has listened to his parents very well and is a famous local filial son.

For business reasons, my father needed to stay at the Liu's jewelry store in Jiangning Prefecture during the Spring Festival this year. When he didn't have time to go home for the Chinese New Year, he asked his nephew, Liu Zu, who had beaten in his store, to bring a little New Year's goods to his son Zude and his wife Qian. .

Zude and Zucai's family lived in the north of Liu Xiang, only a few families apart. After Zucai returned home, he rested for one night, and delivered the entrusted rich New Year's goods to Zude's house early the next morning.

The family got together and were extremely happy. Qian Shi enthusiastically left his nephew for breakfast. During the feast, everyone talked very well.

After the ancestors left, Qian cleaned up the house, closed the window, locked the door, carried a basket, and a sickle in one hand, and went out to cook in his own vegetable field. The snow in the vegetable field was not finished, and some of the snow was still frozen. Qian cut some winter solstice white, red in the snow, and leek, and hurried home to wash vegetables and cook. Qian's was picking old dead leaves and feeding it to the piggery in the courtyard to feed the fat white pig. Zude returned with four or five green cypress branches with leaves. Suddenly a fragrance filled the entire courtyard. .

Zude moved a low stool and placed it on the door. He stood on both ends of the low stool with his left hand, leaning against the wall with his left hand, and inserted the cypress into the slit in the door frame, then jumped off the low stool and went to Wash hands in the kitchen. Qian has added rice water to the large pot on the inner side of the stove, and is cooking in the outer small pot. When his son comes to the kitchen, let him wash his hands, add some firewood to the pot, and heat it at the same time.

The meal was cooked quickly, and the mother and son sat at the table for dinner. Qian's kept putting vegetables in the Zude bowl, but found that his son was not eating too much today. Qian asked what the reason was, and Zude said he had a little fever, cold, headache, and sore throat ...

Qian stood up and touched his son's forehead across the table with his hands. He felt a slight fever. He thought that his son had just gone out and felt the cold, so he didn't care, and let him rest after bed. When he had dinner, Qian discovered that his son had a runny nose and cough, so he burned a large bowl of brown sugar, onion, ginger, and garlic soup for him. It is estimated that he would be the same as before, and the next day would be fine.

But in the middle of the night, Zude couldn't sleep with sore throat. Qian's fried a bowl of wheat bran, wrapped it in a white cotton bag, and put it tightly on Zude's belly button. His son's sore throat only slightly eased. , The mother and the child managed to stumble until dawn. After Qianshi got up, he hurriedly prepared some breakfast. After eating with his son, he rushed to the Gucun Baogu Medical Museum in the neighboring village for medical treatment.

While listening to the woman's briefing, Aunt Bao diagnosed the juvenile's pulse. With her forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger across the diagnosis table, Bao Gu gently pressed three positions of the juvenile's wrist.

Based on Qian's description and the results of the diagnosis, Bao Gu initially diagnosed Zude as suffering from seasonal epidemic, so he prescribed a prescription for Zade as Jiawei Shibingsan.

Modified Shijisan powder The prescription is Shijisan powder (12g), Jiaojisixianyi money (3g) (Note), crushed, sieved, and mixed to obtain. Aunt Bao asked the medical pharmacist Ge Chungen to divide the medicine powder into 7 portions, wrap it up, and let Qianshi take it back. Every morning and evening, take half a packet of rice soup, take the hot medicine, and return to the clinic after eating the seven medicines. At the same time, let Qianshi bring a letter to her nephew Zucai and ask him to come to the medical museum.

Less than an hour after Qian's departure, Aunt Bao saw the ancestors came, so she temporarily put down the other patients on her hands and asked the ancestors to examine the pulse. Unsurprisingly, Zucai had similar symptoms, and he heard that his sister Zuxian also had these symptoms.

Aunt Bao asked Ge Chungen to prepare a sack of medicinal materials according to the above formula. She sipped it and asked the ancestors to put it in the Si'en well at the south of their village, and told the villagers to go from house to house to fetch water to go back and boil and drink. . As soon as the villagers heard Dr. Ge Cun Bao asked to drink, they hurried to the well to queue for water to go back and take it with the whole family.

A week later, Qian brought Zade back for follow-up, and Bao Aunt found that Zude had recovered completely. At this time, Zucai also returned for follow-up visits, and he was safe and sound, and said that his sister Zuxian is now well, and other villagers have never experienced similar symptoms. Aunt Bao was relieved, let them feel at ease to go home to the New Year, sit down and continue to see a doctor.

At this moment, Ge Hong suddenly went down from the Sanqing Palace in Maoshan and rushed back to the Gegu Baogu Medical Hall, followed by his teacher Tao Xusheng. The Tao Xusheng from Jiangning Prefecture said that in the past few days, the city has begun to have an epidemic. Many people have fallen ill. Many people went to his Liling Tao's Medical Center to seek medical treatment from him. He used some treatments for wind and cold. The recipe of hot wind and dry wind is not ideal. Bao Xu asked Tao Xusheng, "What are the symptoms of the patient?" Tao Xusheng said, "The patient has fever, cold, headache, sore throat, runny nose and cough." Bao Gu heard these symptoms described almost exactly the same as Zude's symptoms. I understand eight or nine points in my heart.

Aunt Bao asked Ge Hong with a smile, "What prescription should I use to treat this disease?" Ge Hong looked at Aunt Bao, and said for a moment, "I haven't asked the patient about the pulse, how can I prescribe it?" Bao Gu didn't directly After taking his word, he just kept looking at Ge Hong with his eyes. Ge Hong really couldn't think of a recipe. In the presence of Tao Xusheng, Bao Gu was commanded by the army. He had to admit defeat and said, "Can you remind me a little?" Aunt Bao saw that he really couldn't answer, and he no longer embarrassed him. Then, reminded, "Do you remember the epidemic?" Ge Hong nodded with shame and realized.

Ge Hongsui took a prescription signature from the table and wrote the prescription on the prescription with a pen. Mint powder was one and a half (4.5 g), talc powder was one and a half (4.5 g), and Evodia powder was saved ( (6g) (Note), mix well, divide into 7 portions, 1 portion daily, and take half and half warm rice soup in the morning and evening. After Ge Hong finished writing, he passed the prescription to Tao Xusheng. After looking at the prescription, Tao Xusheng asked Ge Hong for an explanation. Ge Hong explained earnestly, "Mint can clear the turbid air of the head and chest, talc can clear the heat of the chest and abdomen, and Evodia can clear the stagnation of the head, neck, chest and abdomen." After listening to Tao Xusheng, he said that he was ready to rush to Jiangning Government, treating all patients.

Bao Gu stepped forward to block Tao Xusheng and asked him to stay aside, saying that there was still a need to add or subtract to the prescription, and Ge Tao knew that Bao Gu would have better consideration, so he asked Bao Gu to make a statement. Aunt Bao said, "Now it is the Spring Festival, people tend to overeat and become full, and you can add some digestive medicines to eliminate the full and enhance the effect." Then asked Ge Hong, "Where is it available?" Ge Hong replied, "How about Jiao Sanxian?" Aunt Bao added, "Jiao Sixian is better." Ge Hong shook his head and sighed, "Jiao Sixian has not been recorded in the book." Bao Gu whispered to Ge Hong, "Sometimes, a teacher passed by. Here, considering that people are prone to overeating during the Spring Festival, this new recipe is taught. "Ge Hong said in amazement," The original Master has always been leaning on you in the back, and quietly taught you the secret recipe. Since we are the same door Brother and sister, tell me the recipe of Jiao Sixian, it should not be considered a violation of Master's rules. "

Aunt Bao jokingly said, "Master said that you would make me a cup of Maofeng tea and bring it to me, so I can tell you this secret recipe." Knowing wife Morov, Ge Hong knew it at this time, not to reason with her. At that time, she did not take her seriously, so she had to wait for her to make tea, and urged, "Tao Shi is waiting for Fangzi to cure the disease and help him. Please tell him quickly and let him go." Bao Gu glanced at Ge Hong At a glance, he said unhurriedly, "Jiao Sixian is a mixture of medicinal powders such as Jiao Malt, Jiao Hawthorn, Jiao Shenqu, Jiao Areca." Ge Hong said, "I know Jiao Sanxian can digest food and stagnate. What is the role of Jiao Areca? What? ”Aunt Bao said,“ Master said that coke betel nut can remove the silted impurities in the abdomen by sweating the soles of the feet. ”The two of Ge Tao were surprised.

Tao Xusheng came to the house today to ask for advice, and it was very fruitful. When he was leaving, he repeatedly invited the Ge Baos and his wife to have time to visit the Tao's Medical Church in Fuling. He was sent away by Tao Xusheng. Aunt Bao grabbed Ge Hong's hand and pulled him into the pharmacy ...

Want to know what Bao Gu took Ge Hong into the pharmacy, and listen to it next time.

Note: One qian = 3.125 grams

The traditional Chinese medicine products mentioned in this article, such as Shijisan, Jiaosi Xian, are all available for sale at Baogu Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic. The prescription for treating epidemic diseases inherited by the great female Chinese doctor Bao Gu seems to be simple, but it seems to be different from universal cognition, but it contains magical effects. When the people of this country are killed, we hope that this prescription can help the patients to recover and recover soon. Guotai Minan. I hope that the officials will try to forward the sharing point to watch, the merit is infinite.

For the introduction of Bao Gu, please see this article: The first Chinese Nobel Prize winner has such a relationship with this woman.

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