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Goddess Doctor Aunt Bao teaches you how to get the authentic medicinal materials for the epidemic

The following is an excerpt from "The Legend of Bao Gu". During this outbreak, I hope to help the world find real medicine.

50th: Authentic herbs

Bao Gu pulled Ge Hong into the pharmacy. Ge Hongjian has a table in the pharmacy, and there are a pair of chairs next to the table. Aunt Bao pressed Ge Hong on one of the chairs with her hand, and sat on the other chair herself, and asked, "Nerd, what do we say next?" Ge Hong was the second husband of Zhang Er In my head, I don't know what Aunt Bao asked, and he said in confusion, "What can I do?" Aunt Bao was anxious, and said, "Of course what happened to the epidemic?" Ge Hong came to understand, and said, "I'll go to the epidemic area today to understand the situation and see how to help the patient." Hearing Ge Hong's meaning was that when he was going home and leaving again, he said unhappyly, "I just asked you to see if there was a better way for you. It seems that you are still an elm head and you don't need to know anything.

The epidemic is there, is it necessary for you to see it? Because when the medicinal materials are in short supply, it is easy for drug makers to drive up drug prices, so we will now arrange Ge Chungen to buy a batch of anti-epidemic medicines in major medicinal materials markets such as Danyang, Yongshi, Liyang, Hushu, Jurong, etc. Hospitals in areas with severe epidemics such as Jiangning and Jiankang prevent drug prices from rising too high and patients cannot afford them. After listening, Ge Hong was very happy and said, "You are very thoughtful." Aunt Bao said, "This is not good enough, because when there is a shortage of medicinal materials, fake and inferior medicinal materials will be mixed into the drug market. This will not only waste patients' money, but also delay treatment. Even endanger patients' lives, so we need to prevent pharmacies from selling counterfeit medicines. Ge Hong asked, "How can we prevent pharmacies from selling fakes to hurt people?" Aunt Bao said, "We will now arrange for Ge Chunmei to go to areas with severe epidemics and pass on a simple identification method of several key anti-epidemic medicines to major medical institutions. After Aunt Bao said, she asked Ge Hong to go to the medicine garden to call Ge Chunmei.

After Ge Chunmei came in, Bao Gu asked Ge Hong, "What are the distinctive characteristics of these major anti-epidemic medicines, do you know?" Ge Hong was dumb when he heard it, saying "I haven't thought about it carefully." Aunt Bao asked Ge Chunmei, "Did you know?" Ge Chunmei said, "Miss, you have taught me in the past. I basically remember that I will ask you to check now. If you are wrong, please correct it. The authentic herbal medicine mint is purple The above-ground part of the stalk mint has purple, square stems, opposite leaves, greenish-colored, oblong, and has a special mint fragrance when crushed, which is the best quality of our local products.

Authentic mint herbs

Greenish green like matcha

Authentic medicinal material Talc is a white block, flake or strip-shaped ore with a pearl-like luster on the surface. It is the softest mineral. It can easily scrape white powder with nails and has a smooth feel.

Medicinal talc

Authentic medicinal materials Evodia rutaecarpa is the nearly mature fruit of the plant Shihu, tea green, oblate, rough surface with oil spots, and has a special strong aroma ...

Evodia rutaecarpa

Has a strong special aroma

Botanical stone tiger and Chinese medicine Evodia

The authentic medicinal material Jiaosi Xian is a blend of four kinds of medicinal powder, heated and fried in the pot until it is browned, and emits a mouth-watering coke aroma. "

Ge Chunmei said here, glanced at Ge Hong, and said, "I'm done, please ask my aunt to correct." Aunt Bao said, "Chun Mei, the identification characteristics you said are basically correct. Write these down and write a few words. Ten copies, then went to the severely affected areas to be distributed to major medical centers, and took them to identify the medicinal materials in the pharmacy on the spot. "Ge Chunmei agreed, and began to grind ink and spread paper to prepare for writing. When Ge Hong saw this, he asked, "Do you need my help?" Without waiting for Ge Chunmei to reply, Bao Aunt said to Ge Hong, "You don't need to worry about these things. I'll take you to dinner first."

Bao Gu took Ge Hong to the kitchen. After entering the door, he sat down and asked the chef Ge Dazhen, "Did Dawei have anything to eat, the nerd is back." Ge Dazhen said happily, "Yes, yes, yes. I heard just now The young lady spoke to my aunt, and I expected to bring my aunt to dinner, so I prepared sweet bean paste hemp balls, rice fritters, tofu flowers, baked peanut rice, winter bamboo shoots and knots, as well as Xianggu auricula, seaweed laver coral , Rock sugar Tremella lotus seeds, Gecun aged sweet rice wine, Jiangning small garlic rice cracker soup ... ", said, while cooking and wine. After a few words of thanks from Bao Ao and Ge Hong, they started to eat. During the banquet, Ge Chungen and Ge Chunmei came to leave.

Ge Chungen said goodbye to the two masters, and led Yinliang in a carriage to the major drug markets in the lightly infected area to buy medicines. When a whole carriage of anti-epidemic materials was prepared, he was sent to the major medical centers in the severely infected area.

Ge Chunmei took the letter with the brief outline of the medicinal materials just prepared, and rode to the major medical centers in the severely affected area. She first went to Liling Tao's Medical Museum and met with Director Tao Xusheng. When Tao Xusheng saw the gardener of Baogu Medical Center coming, he temporarily stopped the patient and asked her what was going on in Fuling. Ge Chunmei said, here are the main points for identification of medicinal materials, and by the way, learn about the treatment of epidemic patients in Fuling District. Tao Xusheng read the letter and said that these sisters usually taught themselves personally, and shared these identification techniques with the curators of other medical libraries in Fuling, and said that he had sent Baogu's anti-epidemic prescription to Fuling. The major hospitals in Jiangning, Jiangning and Jiankang let them take this prescription immediately. He also added that Baogu prescriptions were used in medical museums in Fuling area, and the anti-epidemic effect was very good. Ge Chunmei knew that he didn't need to stay in Fuling and hurried to Jiangning area.

Arrived at the Liu's Medical Museum in Jiangning to explain his intentions. Director Liu was very grateful and hurriedly took out several anti-epidemic drugs in the medicine cabinet for Ge Chunmei to identify. Ge Chunmei found that the mint stems in the stock were blue-gray, and the leaves were light gray. There was no clear fragrance after the leaves were twisted; talc was hard, no pearl-like gloss, nails could not be scraped off powder, and no slippery feeling; Evodia was a Large dry, without strong aroma. He said to curator Liu, "This peppermint medicinal material is inferior green stem peppermint from the field, and the storage time is too long, and it is not well sealed and protected from light, so the efficacy of mint is basically lost. This talc medicinal material is actually A fake medicine, a kind of marble, has no talc effect at all. This Evodia rutaecarpa is not a genuine stone tiger, but a fruit of similar plant Evodia or Fructus Evodia, and it is already overripe at harvest. Great discount. "

After listening, Curator Liu looked angry and said angrily, "No wonder my pandemic patients were unstable when treated with Bao Gu's prescription. The original medicinal materials were fake and inferior." Ge Chunmei comforted, "Don't worry about curator Liu, our medicine workers will soon send authentic herbs." Curator Liu said, "That's great. I will let the patients wait for the authentic herbs to come. Refilling the prescription, in addition, I can help you to send medicinal materials to other medical centers in this area, you should go to Jiankang. "Ge Chunmei said," Farewell, "and went straight to Jiankang.

When Ge Chunmei went to Jiankang Wang's Medical Museum, he took a closer look at the medical materials and found that the situation was similar to that of Jiang Ning, and he also comforted the curator Wang. Before Ge Chunmei left, asked the curator Wang to show Jiao Sixian to her and found out that Jiao Sixian did not fry Jiao Huang at all. It turned out that because of the large amount of medicine required, the druggist had insufficient time, but just put the powder in the pot and fry it a little Just out of the pot. Ge Chunmei said to the medicinal workers, "Authentic medicinal materials processing is very important. For example, raw malt is mainly milk, while malt malt is mainly milk. The two functions are completely opposite. Absolutely sloppy."

Aunt Bao and Ge Hong finished their meal in the kitchen, drinking tea and chatting. Aunt Bao also asked Ge Hong, "Although there is no large-scale infection in the surrounding area, we should take some measures to prevent it, is it right?" Ge Hong said quickly, "Yes, yes, yes, can we Put your medicine bags into the wells of every village in your way? "Said Aunt Bao," I know you don't need to use your brain. We have already purchased the medicinal materials in the lightly affected areas to support the severely affected areas. Now there is a serious shortage of medicinal materials. Do you know? "Ge Hong said," Oh, yes, what should I do? "Aunt Bao said," Some time ago, I went to the Zhang Clinic of Daicun in Daicun to visit a medicine master. The disease is treated with Epidemic Powder, and the disease is prevented with Sanye Tea. "Ge Hong asked," What is Sanye Tea and how is it used? " Bao Gu replied, "Three-leaf tea is one dollar each for fresh pine leaves, cypress leaves, and bamboo leaves. Put the three-leaf tea in the pot every morning, add a cup of water to boil for one minute, and drink water from morning to night. , Keep drinking. "

Ge Dayi, who was serving next to him, was very happy to hear this. He said, "At this time, the epidemic prevention formula is so good. I will immediately go to the village to post a publicity notice on epidemic prevention. At the same time, I will let the people in the neighboring villages publish the contents of the notice to Villages around, and posted this notice as quickly as a baton to all the remote areas where the epidemic may spread. "Ge Hong said," Thank you very much, ma'am. "Aunt Bao saw what Ge Hong wanted to say, she pulled it His hand went into the Dan room.

Want to know what Bao Gu took Ge Hong into the Danfang, and listen to it next time.

Note: One dollar = 3.125 grams

Traditional Chinese medicine products such as Shijisan, Jiaosi Xian, and Sanye Tea (upgraded version) mentioned in the article are all available for sale at Baogu Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic. All of them use authentic herbs and follow the correct processing methods to ensure the efficacy. The prescription for treating epidemic diseases inherited by the great female Chinese medicine Bao Gu looks very simple. There are no dozens of complex medicines on the battlefield. It seems to be different from the general perception of the general public, but it contains magical effects. The so-called road to simplicity is to be practical. When the people of this country are killed, we hope that this side can help the patients to recover as soon as possible and to restore the Thai and civil security as soon as possible. I hope that the officials will try to forward the sharing point to watch, the merit is infinite.

For an introduction to the anti-epidemic medicine Shijisan, please see: Antidote for Epidemic Treatment

About Bao Gu's introduction, please see this article: The first Chinese Nobel Prize winner has such a relationship with this woman.

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